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Brooke Davis

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Brooke Davis

The Queen Of One Tree Hill

Name: Brooke Davis
age: 16
Parents: ???
Boyfriend persent: Felix
Boyfriends from the past: Lucas Scott
Bestfriend: Peyton and Haley
Nick Name: Tiger *Haley*
Nicknames from her friends: Haley- Tutor girl
Peyton-  Girly, Goldylocks
Sibs: None
High school staus: Cheerleader/Popular
Who crushes on her: Mouth
Season 1 Information: In the first few eppies, we figured out that Brooke was as bad and mean and better then you as we thought. As the season prgessed she was way mnicer. But she still kept her Party girl image.
She Dated Lucas Scott for a little while, and was almost going to ahve his baby.
Season2: Brooke and Lucas didnt get togettogether. Brooke met her new next Door naoubor, and they become a couple. she also ran for Schoool persent!

I do not wown One Tree Hill or Brooke Davis.